The Laptyle Laptop Covers are engineered to attache and detach from your laptop with no problems and guaranteed not to leave any residue on your laptop!
Our revolutionary patented design that drove the world crazy since 2006 has proved it self to stay strong in the market. The cover will fit most of the laptops that's in the market from all major brands and models.

The cover will fit sizes
13" 14" 15"

15.4" 16" 17"

Both sizes will fit all the sizes in between the standard sizes including all wide screens

The cover is made from a breathing material what allows your laptop to breath and vent

We were asked in the past a very common question about the bottom part of the cover ?
If your laptop have overheating problems please uncover the bottom piece when your laptop is working
the removerable Velcro strips are easy to scotch on and off
Lapstyle Laptop Covers have sold over 100,000 PC since 2006 with no problems what so ever from our loyal customers world wide
Lapstyle Laptop Cover is a fashion accessory for your portable laptop, Considering the cushiony style it does play as a safety beerier for your laptop against scratches, dings and minimal hits.
Here at LAPSTYLE we always come up with new ideas and develop new products and styles
if you have any questions and ideas you would like to share with us - Drop us a line and we would gladly conceder it and get back to you if it is something that we thing can be added to our line of products
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